Complete School Year

A school year immersed in your target language is the best tool to learn a language naturally and effectively. By attending well regarded schools and living in selected native families, we ensure the success of the immersion in a safe way, for the peace of mind of the parents.

This program is aimed at students from 10 to 17 years old, being able to enrol in any Primary, Secondary and Leaving Cert course.

All of our families have a Garda Vetting Certificate to prove that they have no prior issues and can have children in their care. All of them go through a rigorous selection process, ensuring a suitable environment for our students.

Boarding schools in Ireland are an option for many parents who prefer this type of residence for their children, where sharing daily life with Irish and international students will allow them to learn English in an environment where sport and group leisure activities are essential and key to this type of program.

This program is aimed at students from 10 to 17 years old, being able to enroll in any Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate course.

The distinctive feature of Ireland-Experience is the DIRECT AND CONSTANT CARE OF OUR STUDENTS, since the direction of the project resides in Ireland, which makes the treatment and follow-up fast, direct and familiar.

This program includes:

Transfers from Cork airport to the host family residence.

Full board accommodation with a native family.

Tuition fees.

Processing of all the documents necessary for the program.

School uniform.

School books.

Leap card (bus card).

Management of extracurricular activities.

Supervision and monitoring of the student (academic and family).

Advice to standardise the school year in Spain.

Student insurance.

*Any other complimentary services can be commissioned.

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