Adult Courses

This type of programme is for anyone over the age of 18 and focuses on giving a personalised service. We offer to you the best variety of courses offered by the University of Cork and other academies. We also find appropriate accommodation which fits your individual needs. You can come alone or as a family, whatever your needs be, we can assure you the best course with regards your learning objectives.

English Classes Offered:

General English Courses

These are aimed at anyone who wants to learn English. These courses are generally 20-25 hours per week during the duration of the student’s stay, depending on the availability of the student.

Cambridge Courses

These courses are aimed at students who wish to add to their curriculum the Cambridge English Qualification in order to prove your level of English.

English Courses for Business

These courses are designed for postgraduate students, entrepreneurs or professionals who wish to acquire professional English to communicate on the multinational stage.

English Courses for Teachers (CELTA)

These courses are specifically for teachers who wish to teach English to non native speakers anywhere in the world.

English Courses for Police and Military Officials

These are specialised courses to acquire the ability to communicate in a military context. This includes activities and simulation practice.

English Courses for Health Care Professionals (OET)

These are specialised courses to learn specific medical English for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in order to communicate in English in a professional manner.

Courses for professionals in the hospitality sector

Aimed at managers, chefs, waiters and other professionals in the sector.

*Any other complimentary services can be commissioned.

Academies and Institutions

We count on the most prestigious institutions in the teaching of English in Cork. We will help you choose the best course and academy to fit your individual needs.


Our options of accommodation include native Irish host families, hotels, hostels, studios or apartments. However, we recommend staying with a host family as this is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the language in a natural and efficient manner.

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