Courses for 10-13 year olds

Our immersion programmes are directed towards adolescents of 15 to 16 year’s old, that normally study Transition Year, which is the equivalent of, the 4th year in Spain.

However, we have observed that the semester stays and the full academic year for children from 10 to 13 year’s old are the most appropriate for the most natural learning of English. In other words, the children of 10 to 13 year’s old integrate quite easily into both the host family and the school without any complexes nor restrictions, which allows them to learn quickly whilst at the same time enjoying school, the host family and their new friends.

The distinctive feature of Ireland-Experience is the DIRECT AND PERMANENT CARE OF OUR STUDENTS as the director of the project resides in Ireland, which ensures that the care and follow-up is quick, direct and personal.

In Ireland-Experience, we guarantee the best families with children of similar ages and the most attentive primary schools for international students of a young age.

This program includes:

Transfers from Cork airport to the host family residence.

Full board accommodation with a native family.

Tuition fees.

Processing of all the documents necessary for the program.

School uniform.

School books.

Management of extracurricular activities.

Supervision and monitoring of the student (academic and family).

Advice to standardise the school year in Spain.

Student insurance.

*Any other complimentary services can be commissioned.

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