A New School Year Is Starting


A new group of young Spaniards are ready to experience a new language immersion in Ireland. You can see them here, at Cork airport, where they arrived last Saturday, Aug 27. Classes start this week and our host families met them at the airport to start this incredible adventure.

At Ireland Experience we accompany our children from the first day, helping them in their integration process. María del Mar is with them throughout the whole school year, keeping an eye on their adaptation, their integration with the host families and throughout the entire educational process. Our parents breathe easy, because their children are in good hands.

This group of students will complete a school year in Cork. Twelve of them will attend 4th ESO (Transition Year), one will do 3rd ESO (Third Year) and two of them 2nd ESO (Second Year), within the Cork city school district.

Your children will have the opportunity to live a unique experience, learning English in Ireland, acquiring social skills, getting to know another culture and gaining a competitive advantage for the future.

Therefore, from Ireland-Experience we continue with the study plans for our students for the 2022-23 school year and we would be happy if many other families count on us for the coming years.

Ireland Experience offers direct and constant care of our students. All management is done in a personalized way, taking into account the age and profile of the student, throughout the duration of the programmes, thus ensuring that your child is in good hands.

We encourage you not to miss the opportunity to learn English in Ireland. We are based in Cork, the perfect place for students. Join this wonderful family. Contact Ireland Experience.

☎️ +34 618 315 727 🇪🇸
☎️ +353 83 482 6432 🇮🇪
✉️ contacto@ireland-experience.com

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