A Transformative Experience


Today, we’d like to share with you the experiences of our young people in Cork, a city that has offered them much more than just education.

Our students emphasise how daily activities, interactions with host families, and getting to know the city have allowed them to fully immerse themselves in Irish culture. “Each day was a new adventure; from morning chats with my host family to afternoons visiting Cork; every moment helped me overcome the initial fear I had,” mentions Laura.

Pedro says, “Classes were just the beginning; what really left a mark on me were the friendships I formed, with both peers from Cork and students from other countries.”

Ana highlights how the experience helped her gain self-confidence: “I’ll never forget the first times I was able to express myself fluently in English; it was something that changed my perception of my own abilities.”

Enriching their academic experience, the students also take part in workshops and activities that provide a deeper context for the language they’re learning. “The extracurricular activities helped me understand the Irish, their history, and their way of being much better,” says Carlos.

The kindness of the people in Cork makes every student feel at home. “I’ve always felt welcome here. In Cork, people are very kind and always willing to help,” states Sofia.

These stories reflect how Cork offers a dynamic and welcoming learning environment, where students not only improve their English but also grow personally. In Ireland Experience,  we offer our students a total immersion in the culture, history, and customs of Ireland, especially Cork, a wonderful city. Contact us and join this great family.

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