A Visit to the UCC


Last Saturday, Sept 10, our students in Third and Transition Years (3rd and 4th ESO) accompanied by Maria del Mar made a visit to the UCC (University College Cork). The University of Cork is set in a series of buildings of great historical and architectural value, in the Tudor-Gothic style, and has an excellent reputation in Mathematics and Medicine.

The university was established in 1845 after a long campaign for higher education in Munster. A law was then passed which proclaimed the establishment of Queen’s College Cork for students of Art, Law and Physics. The University was opened to students in 1849.

Among the places of interest are the Quadrangle, Aula Maxima, Alumni Bridge, Crawford Observatory, Kane Building or the War of Independence Memorial and Republican Grave.

During our visit to the UCC we enjoyed the historical buildings and the surrounding gardens. We also visited other modern buildings that hold different university degrees. At the end of our visit, we made a stop in a rest area and ate pizza, under an awning set up for rainy days. The University of Cork is a very symbolic place for the citizens of this city. It is supposed to have been built on the place where Saint Finbarr founded a monastery and a school. Finbarr is the patron saint of the city. In the main building of the UCC there is a statue in his honor and the motto of the University reads: “Where Finbarr taught, let Munster learn”.

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