The Academic calendar in Ireland


We haven’t much time left until the start of the school year in Ireland. Today’s post is specifically aimed at students who are going to come for an academic term or year with Ireland-Experience for the first time.

The school year in Ireland is very different from that in Spain. It usually begins the last week of August and ends at the end of May.

Holiday periods are also different. During the last week of October, coinciding with Halloween, schools enjoy a week of holidays called “mid-term break for the first term.” At Christmas there are two weeks of holidays, but unlike in other countries, classes start a couple of days beforehand, coinciding with the celebration of the Three Kings that we have in Spain. Mid-February, the schools close again for a week. Finally, the last bit of time off is during Easter where you enjoy two weeks of vacation.

The holidays of the year in Ireland are the following:

  • January 1st, for the new year.
  • March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter Monday
  • First Monday in May, June and August
  • Last Monday in October, coinciding with Halloween.
  • December 25th and 26th, for Christmas.

To finish this article, I’ll leave the dates of the holiday periods for the 2021-22 academic year here:
First “mid-term break”: From October 25th to 29th.

  • Christmas: From December 22nd to January 6th.
  • Second “mid-term break”: from February 21st to 25th.
  • Holy Week: from April 11th to 24th.

The team at Ireland-Experience can’t wait to see you soon to start our great adventure together with Ireland-Experience !!


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