An Unforgettable Experience


In spring, Ireland is full of colours and emotions. The landscape is breathtaking and we can enjoy going sightseeing in town as well as hiking or walking along the beach. It is commonly said that in Ireland you can experience  all four seasons in one day. Anyway, this is an ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities.

In Ireland Experience we are totally convinced that immersion is not only for language but also social and cultural. In fact this is one of our strengths. Our programs allow students to share daily life with their host family and learn about their culture, lifestyle, customs, etc. During the programme, our students share unique life experiences that they surely have not lived in their country of origin.

Irish cities like Cork offer plenty of activities, fun and entertainment. Thus, we can enjoy concerts, Irish music and dance, outdoor activities such as bike riding, kayaking, fishing…

As you can see in these pictures, five of our students, who are studying 4th year (the equivalent of 4th ESO), are enjoying one of these activities. On April 28 they attended the Ed Sheeran concert, accompanied by an Ireland Experience adult in charge.

Doesn’t that sound good?

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