Benefits of Language Immersion


No one doubts that learning one or more languages is a fundamental tool in personal and professional development. The introduction of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards has improved the interest in learning languages. Language immersion programmes introduce a new language along with the cultural background the language is associated with. These programmes are an excellent way for students to learn another language and get to know a different culture.

The immersion encourages students to take what they are learning beyond the classroom. They aren’t just focused on teaching the language itself, but also on the culture, history and customs of the country. Research has shown that the students in language immersion programmes show deepened academic skills. These students develop their mental flexibility, advanced critical thinking skills, and non-verbal problem-solving skills.

The benefits are many. The students use language in real-life situations. Not only do they learn the language, they completely immerse themselves in the culture as well. Students go beyond learning basic grammar. They learn the essence of the culture that the corresponding language represents. This knowledge of a new language will also allow them to be more mentally flexible and accepting of new concepts and cultures.

Students feel confident and overcome the fear of expressing themselves in English as they are living with teachers and native families and learning about different customs or traditions through extracurricular activities. If you still have doubts, check the opinions of our students and you will see that Ireland Experience courses are more than just learning English. At Ireland Experience we offer our students a total immersion in the way people live in Ireland, and especially in Cork, a wonderful city. Contact us and join this great family.

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