Learn how COVID affects Ireland-Experience students


Today is inevitably marked by COVID. On our blog I want to share the situation of our students in Ireland, and how we are living this experience together

Fortunately, Ireland is one of the countries with the lowest cases of Covid, mainly because the government is implementing confinement regulations that result in a reduction of the infected and also because Irish society highly respects health recommendations.

The end of last year was unexpectedly pushed forward to the end of March, because the outbreak of the Covid caused the closure of schools and the declaration of the state of alarm in Ireland, as in Spain.

Flights were restricted due to the closure of the borders, however, most of the students preferred to return to Spain to be with their families. Alejandro, who was in Transition Year, chose to spend confinement in Ireland with his host family, and unlike confinement in Spain, he could go out every day for a walk, since in Ireland it was allowed, and at home he could enjoy his favourite sport, basketball, because his family had a basketball hoop in the garden. He will never forget these months in which he always had our support and that of all the members of his host family.

The schools are, to date, still open with serious security measures and protocols in the case that a child falls ill with covid, in order to avoid major rates of infection. I would like to sincerely thank the parents and students who, despite covid, have trusted our company so that their children can perfect their English and have an unforgettable Ireland-Experience.

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