Discovering Ireland’s Symbols


When our Spanish students travel to Cork to learn English, they not only have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new language and culture but also to discover the rich symbols that make up the Irish identity. Two of the most iconic symbols of the country are the Irish harp and the shamrock.

The Irish harp, with a history that stretches through the centuries, has become a symbol of Celtic music and tradition. Its legendary origin is linked to the harp of Dagda, a powerful god in Irish mythology who, according to the legend, used his harp to control the seasons and the flow of life. Additionally, the iconic historical figure of Brian Boru, an ancient king of Ireland, is also associated with the harp. One of the most famous harps is the one displayed at Trinity College in Dublin, which is believed to have belonged to Brian Boru. The harp has transcended time and remains a symbol of Irish identity and pride.

Another beloved symbol is the shamrock, which has become the emblem of Irish good luck. According to legend, Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity during his Christian teachings. Since then, the shamrock has been associated with luck and prosperity in Irish tradition. In any corner of Ireland, it is common to find this little green shamrock as a charm and symbol of fortune.

 At Ireland Experience we offer our students a total immersion in the culture, history and customs of Ireland, and especially of Cork, a wonderful city. Contact us and join this great family.

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