Easter in Ireland


Easter is a period brimming with traditions and unique customs in Ireland, distinct from those in other places such as Spain. In Ireland, the main festivities occur on Good Friday and Easter Monday. During these days, it’s common for monuments and certain buildings to be closed. However, churches remain open to welcome the faithful and tourists participating in religious ceremonies.

In Ireland, chocolate eggs, a classic symbol of Easter, are not consumed during Lent. Tradition dictates that they are presented on Good Friday but not tasted until Easter Sunday. Annually, it’s estimated that around five million of these eggs are purchased across the country.

Preparations for Easter begin on the first day of Lent, which is forty days before Easter Sunday. This preparation includes fasting, which is also a tradition in Spain. During this time, it’s customary for people to eat fish on Fridays and spend time in reflection with their families.

Presently, Easter Sunday is celebrated similarly to other festive Sundays, with family gatherings where participants wear new clothes and attend mass together at the local church. After the religious ceremony, a family meal is enjoyed that includes traditional dishes such as potatoes, vegetables, and meat.

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