Enhancing Skills in English


Ireland Experience provides a diverse range of educational programmes for parents looking to nurture their child’s English language skills. Students from Spain flock to our courses, whether for short-term stays or year-long academic adventures. Our goal is to ensure our students emerge as proficient in all facets of the English language: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

Our approach at Ireland Experience involves customizing solutions according to each student’s proficiency level and age. We offer a spectrum of courses, ranging from “General English,” which equips students with essential language skills for daily life, to advanced levels that instill unwavering confidence in English conversation.

In our quest to enhance skills, Ireland Experience meticulously selects local schools that accommodate each student’s unique circumstances. We prioritize both entry level and the student’s age when setting objectives, constantly striving for improvement. Here are the core components:

  • Reading: Our primary goal is to foster deep comprehension of English texts, from simple brochures and signs to basic instructions and even unadapted advanced books.
  • Writing: We encourage students to produce English texts, starting with basic emails and progressing to crafting stories and specialized research papers.
  • Speaking: We nurture fluency in spoken English, covering academic, formal, colloquial expressions, idiomatic phrases, and humor. Language immersion plays a pivotal role in achieving this proficiency.
  • Listening: There’s no greater satisfaction than seamlessly participating in English conversations or comprehending your favorite series without subtitles.

Become a part of our wonderful family in Cork, where English language proficiency awaits. We offer our students a total immersion in the culture, history and customs of Ireland.

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