First Days Fears


A new course has just started and Ireland Experience students face great challenges, expectations and also several fears. The important thing is to turn our fears into one more impulse to achieve success, avoiding blockage in learning. At first, students are nervous and this is completely normal. Ireland Experience, their school and their host families work together so that our students overcome those fears.

At the beginning of the course, it is normal for our students to think that anyone is better than them, even those with a more advanced level. However, it is important to explain to them that each one has their strengths and weaknesses. They may be better in “listening”, while in “speaking” they may need a little more time to have a certain fluency. That is why, in Ireland Experience, we think it is very important to find the right level for each student.

Other kids often say that they are shy and do not feel confident enough to speak English, so they spend most of their time listening instead of speaking. We will provide them with the necessary language to discuss, agree or disagree and take part in a conversation in a more natural way.

Another fear of students is that they will probably make many mistakes and feel ashamed for it. This usually happens when one feels a certain weakness in some aspects of the language (pronunciation, grammar, intonation…). For Ireland Experience it is essential to make the student acquire the necessary confidence to communicate on any topic or situation.

In Ireland Experience we accompany our students throughout the entire process, but especially in the first days of their stay in Cork. That is why our schools and our host families are carefully selected. Join our family. Contact us.

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