How to choose the most appropriate course for our children?


For many years now, Spanish families have shown enormous interest in their children learning a second or even a third language, much more so since it has been certified in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference. The main difficulty for a non-native speaker lies in optimally developing oral comprehension and production skills. In short, if you want to speak fluently and understand a second language, at some point you will have to come into direct contact with native speakers. If we add the social and cultural immersion in the country of destination, the result will be the most satisfactory.

Attending a summer course could be the first choice, but the offer is immense, and we will never be sure to have chosen the best option. In Ireland Experience we have found that the most important thing is to take certain factors into account before making a decision.

The level of English is essential. Not choosing the course correctly can result in an unrewarding experience that does not take full advantage of language immersion.

The age and degree of maturity of the student are also significant facts. If you had to choose among a camp, a summer course or living with an Irish family, it is important to know what we want to achieve: practicing sports, consolidating what has been learned in Spain, making friends, learning about other cultures…

Age, without a doubt, is the most important factor to consider. The youngest, from 10 to 13 years old, adapt easily and the chances of success are very high. For teenagers you have to combine immersion with activities and excursions.

In Ireland Experience we have extensive experience as course organizers. Our company is based in Cork and we select both schools and families with extreme care.

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