How to improve your English skills


If your interest is in your son or daughter developing their English skills, Ireland Experience offers you a wide selection of courses to choose from. Students from all over Spain attend our courses, for short stays or for a full school year. Our goal is to ensure that our students graduate proficient in all skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

At Ireland Experience we look for the best option according to the level and age of entry, from “General English”, which will make the student competent in English for everyday situations and activities, to being able to achieve fluent English in higher advanced level courses that will allow him/her to interact in English with total confidence.

At Ireland Experience we have selected local schools that adapt to the circumstances of each student. Entry level and, above all, age, are important factors when setting learning objectives, always seeking to improve skills.

Reading. Our objective will be to be able to understand texts in English, from a small brochure, a sign, some instructions or, at an advanced level, an unadapted book.

Writing. We will have to produce texts in English, from the simplest, such as an email, to the most advanced, such as a story or a specialized paper.

Speaking. We must be able to speak fluently, using academic and formal or colloquial expressions, idioms, jokes. Language immersion is especially appropriate to achieve this goal.

Listening. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to take part in a conversation fluently, or understand an episode of our favorite series in English without subtitles.

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