Mid-term Break – Do you know what it is?


Although in Spain, we call this month is “ebrerillo el loco”, due to its change in weather, and its short duration, in Ireland, as in other Anglo-Saxon countries, February is known for another reason.

In February, the school calendar is marked by Mid-Term Break, which is something like “Mid-term vacation.” These are usually several consecutive, non-school days, which together with weekends, last for about a week. And right now, at this precise moment, we are in the middle of the Mid-Term Break.

It is something that, for families who are beginning to explore the possibility of traveling to Ireland for a school year or term, are quite surprised, since it is not equivalent to any holiday period in Spain.

For families that send a child to study abroad, especially if it is the first year, it is a small relief regarding the time they will be separated (although I have to say that the distance are extremely affordable. We will talk in the future about distances and times…)

And for the students, what can I tell you? It is a great break from school.

For those students who are a bit older, it is ideal to regain strength and catch up for the rest of the course, as well as to take advantage of it to make short breaks and staycations(we already told you that winter is fine. It is not too cold. Remember this!!). And for the little ones or those who live this experience as a family, it is also an ideal time to travel to Spain, give the family some hugs and kisses and then return to work.

The Mid-Term Break is a small break in the school cycle that is highly valued by students and families. So it continues to add to the advantages of an academic year in this wonderful Emerald Island.

On this occasion, I am in the midst of the Mid-Term Break, as a student that I am. And, although being a mother / employee / student does not leave time for much more, I have been one of those who have made an escape home. Recharge your batteries and return to work. I’ll leave you all with a picture of Galway. Irresistible.

Cheer up. Get in contact with us. We will help you with whatever you need.

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