New Year’s Eve in Ireland and Spain


New Year’s Eve in Cork is a lively celebration that captures the spirit of locals and visitors alike. People gather for dinners, parties, and galas in homes, pubs, and hotels, starting in the late afternoon and leading up to a midnight countdown. The city buzzes with energy as various venues become centres of celebration.

Firework displays, parades, and traditional music add to the festive atmosphere. At midnight, there’s a collective sense of joy, and the celebrations continue into the early hours of January 1, making it a memorable start to the year. While not a public holiday, many take advantage of the time off, using annual leave for vacations and adding extra excitement to the period.

In line with tradition, people clean their homes in late December for a fresh start. Public services like banks and stores close early, and social scenes shift to restaurants, pubs, and clubs, often requiring reservations. Public transport, while generally on schedule, may have reduced services in the evening, requiring careful planning for navigating the city during festivities.

In Spain, New Year’s Eve is more intimate and family-focused. Eating twelve grapes at midnight symbolizes luck for each month, accompanied by family dinners. Whether in Cork’s bustling streets or Spanish households, New Year’s Eve brings people together to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new in a simple and direct celebration.

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