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The best way to learn English while getting to know Ireland.

Ireland-Experience offers language immersion programs in Cork, Ireland, for students aged 10 and over. The agency is managed from Ireland and is personalised, taking into account the age and profile of the student, throughout the duration of the programs.

The aim of the programs is to achieve a natural learning of the language through immersion in Irish families and schools.

The distinctive feature of Ireland-Experience with respect to the rest of the agencies, is the DIRECT AND PERMANENT CARE OF OUR STUDENTS, since the direction of the project resides in Ireland, which makes the treatment and follow-up fast, direct and familiar.

We specialise in programs for children ages 10-13, because we believe that this is definitely the right age for children to learn naturally. We have excellent families with children of the same age, to ensure that your stay, both at school and in the host family, is a success.

We offer the following programs:

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Our Team

Professionals dedicated body and soul to this project

Maria del Mar Hernandez


My name is María del Mar Hernández and I am Spanish, a law graduate, mother of two university students and the director of the company.

My journey in Ireland began in 2014, motivated by giving my children the opportunity to attend a school year with native families and attend schools like any Irish student. During their stay, they perfected their English and had an unforgettable experience.

The experience was so positive that we decided to move to Cork and I started helping my friends’ children, looking for English courses and families. In a professional manner, IRELAND- EXPERIENCE was founded in the summer of 2015, and many students have successfully completed immersion programs since then.

Noreen O Mahony

Academic Advisor

Noreen’s collaboration has been and continues to be key in choosing the best schools and teachers for our summer courses, introducing fun and engaging classes for the students.

She has a degree in English and French, among many other titles, including the DELTA title (Cambridge Diploma in teaching English to Speakers of Other languages) and the CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) for the teaching of English teachers.

Her professional experience in language teaching goes back more than 20 years, highlighting in recent years the position of director of studies at the Language Centre of the UCC (University of Cork).

Niamh McLoughlin

Assistant director and coordinator of activities

In our team we have Niamh, a young Irish university student who is fluent in four languages; Spanish, French, Irish and of course her native language, English.

She lived the experience of being an exchange student and therefore understands perfectly the value of our courses and is passionate about helping all of our students to achieve the goal of perfecting their English.

Niamh assists in management and coordination of activities, as well as helping as community manager on Facebook and Instagram.