Sightseeing Cork


Last Saturday, the 15th of September, a group of our students, accompanied by Maria del Mar, embarked on a visit to some of the iconic landmarks in Cork.

We commenced our excursion with a visit to UCC (University College Cork). The University of Cork conducts its affairs within a collection of buildings of considerable historical and architectural significance, reflecting a splendid Gothic-Tudor style. It boasts a stellar reputation, particularly in the domains of Mathematics and Medicine. The university’s inception dates back to 1845, following an extensive campaign advocating higher education in Munster. Subsequently, a law was enacted heralding the establishment of Queen’s College Cork, initially catering to students of Arts, Law, and Physics. The doors of the university opened to students in 1849.

Among the points of interest are the Quadrangle Courtyard, the renowned “Aula Maxima,” the “Alumni” bridge, the Crawford Observatory, the “Kane” building, and the monument commemorating the War of Independence.

Our itinerary also encompassed a visit to the English Market, a gastronomic marketplace of considerable renown, especially following the city’s designation as the Food Capital of Ireland. The market teems with organic produce from the county, as well as delicacies from around the world.

During our visit, we had the opportunity to explore Fitzgerald Park, where one can partake in a leisurely picnic, engage in sporting activities, or simply unwind beneath the radiant sun.

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