A Full School Year In Ireland


Spending a full school year in an Irish school is one of the many possibilities that Ireland Experience offers families who want their children to study abroad. Attending a one-year language immersion programme is the best way to learn a second language fluently and naturally. If you add a safe stay in carefully selected families and attendance at the most qualified schools, your choice cannot be other than Ireland Experience.

Our programmes for a whole school year are aimed at students from 10 to 17 years old (Primary, Secondary and Leaving Cert course). Our boys are hosted by families that have the “Garda Vetting Certificate”, a certificate that proves that families have no prior issues and can have children in their care. In addition, all of them go through a rigorous selection process that ensures that students will have an authentic and pleasant stay.

There is also the possibility for students to stay in a boarding school. Some parents prefer this option so that the children can share daily life with other Irish and international students.

Whatever your choice, what distinguishes Ireland Experience programmes from other similar ones is the direct and constant care of our students. Our company is based in Cork. We know the area and the community. We are part of it and we can quickly respond to any inconvenience.

We are the best option. Don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us for anything that you may need.

☎️ +34 618 315 727 🇪🇸
☎️ +353 83 482 6432 🇮🇪
✉️ contacto@ireland-experience.com
👉🏻 www.ireland-experience.com

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