Studying in Ireland during Covid-19.


Studying in Ireland during Covid-19.

The pandemic that we are currently experiencing is affecting the future plans of many young Spaniards who are preparing to experience a new language immersion in Ireland.

Don’t worry though, studying in Ireland during the pandemic is possible!

This school year we have had students, who, even in these difficult times have perfected their English in a safe environment, following the security measures required by the Irish government, carrying out PCR tests for all our students to give peace of mind to the schools and host families with whom they are in contact with.

This coming school year, your children will have the opportunity to have a unique experience, learning English in Ireland, acquiring social skills, getting to know another culture and gaining a competitive advantage for the future.Ireland, like Spain and the entire of Europe, is applying
similar security measures following the recommendations of expert epidemiologists, who, thanks to vaccinations, provide a high degree of control of the growth curve of infections by the coronavirus.

By this we mean that when students travel to Ireland to start the school year, it will be similar to the situation in Spain. The security measures in place. such as the mandatory use of a mask, washing hands, using anti-bacterial gel and keeping a distance are measures that seem to remain for the time being. The other measures will depend on how the contagion curve is, and certain restrictions may be added or reduced.

The Spanish Association of Promoters (?) of Courses Abroad (ASEPROCE) announced that the numbers of students in 2020 are very good despite the situation, and foresees that the numbers for 2021 will be much better, since “the pandemic does not stop students abroad, nor to those who think about leaving in the coming year”.

Therefore, from Ireland-Experience we encourage you to continue with the study plans for your children for the 2020-21 academic year and we want you to count on us to make such an important decision.Ireland-Experience offers direct and constant care of our students.

All management is done in a personalised way, taking into account the age and profile of the student, throughout the duration of the programs, thus ensuring that your child is in good hands.

We encourage you not to miss the opportunity to learn English in Ireland, knowing that with or without Covid, we will take care of your children from the first to the last day of their stay.

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