What are the benefits of Language Immersion Programmes?


No one doubts that learning one or more languages is a fundamental tool in personal and professional development. From the 80s on, there was a boom in the learning of English, which has been increasing over the years. The introduction of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards has improved the interest in learning languages. Currently, knowing English has become a necessity to pursue higher education or to find a job.

Those summer courses in the south of England, attended by groups of 250 students, who would make many friends but ended up speaking Spanish, are a thing of the past. Now language immersion is real and we can boast of being experts on the subject.

Our goals are:

  • Personal autonomy: students have to communicate and handle themselves autonomously.
  • Helping students to be confident and overcome the fear of expressing themselves in English.
  • Cultural immersion, living with teachers and native families and learning about different customs or traditions through extracurricular activities.

If you still have doubts, check the opinions of our students and you will see that Ireland Experience courses are more than just learning English.

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