Why a host family?


Why a host family when we study English abroad?

Every year we receive many Spanish students who choose Ireland Experience to learn English in Ireland. Cork is the ideal place, a vibrant city rich in traditions. Here you can choose from a wide variety of courses, from short stays to a full school year.

Our students live with a host family. Why is this the best option?

– They will spend most of our time with native speakers with hundreds of hours of extra conversation.

– They will have a home away from home, a place where they will find all the comforts they need to feel at home.

– Cork is full of hospitable and charming people and this can be easily seen in the families who work with us.

– Students always have someone to ask about any problem or anything related to their stay, health, customs, etc.

– It will be the complete and perfect immersion. Spending their time living with natives, there will be few opportunities to speak Spanish with coursemates.

– They will know Cork like any other local. There is no better way to get to know the city in depth and enjoy all its activities than sightseeing with their host family.

– They will save money on food. Our host families offer full board, home cooked meals and a great family time to practice English and make friends for life.

Join this wonderful family. We have extensive experience in courses for foreigners and we are based in Cork. We accompany our students throughout the entire process.

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