Why is Ireland the perfect destination?


Ireland Experience is a company with a broad experience in organizing English courses for Spanish students. We are based in Cork, Ireland’s second largest city, on the south coast. But why Ireland?

Why would a Spanish family want to send their son or daughter abroad to learn English? The main goal is, obviously, that the experience be fruitful and that the course achievements be the maximum. Other factors to consider are cultural or gastronomic immersion, sports activities, etc.

Ireland is an immensely rich country in natural spaces, traditions and places of great historical importance. But it is also a country with a low population density, which keeps its customs and hospitality alive, and which maintains its identity and family values. Our host families, carefully selected by Ireland Experience, offer our students the best of themselves. They take care of them, talk to them, cook for them as if they were their own children and become friends for life. This is an unforgettable experience and, although they get paid to host students, it is never a business for them. They share their home, their customs and their affection. This is not easy to find in other English-speaking countries, where learning English has become a depersonalized business activity.

Life in the cities, especially in Cork, is very familiar, but there are always things to do, nearby places to visit, beaches to stroll along. The gastronomy, culture or music have an authentically Irish character. Traditions are maintained in the face of globalization. Ireland is a country proud of its history, its customs and its hospitality.

Ireland Experience is based in Cork. Can you think of a better place to study English? Join this fantastic family. Contact us.

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