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In our latest posts we have told you about the advantages of studying English in a language immersion programme with Ireland Experience. But there is actually a faster and easier way to speak English fluently. Listen to this story. Maybe you just need a visit to Blarney Castle.

If you decide to visit Blarney Castle while in Cork, everyone will tell you to kiss the “Blarney Stone”. Why?

Blarney Castle is 5 miles northwest from the city of Cork. The castle is the third to be built on the same land since the 10th century. At first it was a wooden construction and was later replaced by stone. The word “blarney” is not the family name of some noble. It means “eloquence”, “the gift of the gab“, or “flattery”.

The stone we are talking about was embedded in the tower in 1446. Legend has it that it is a fragment of the “Stone of Scone”, given to Ireland by Robert the Bruce, from Scotland, in gratitude for collaborating in the Battle of Bannockburn. In the castle, however, you will learn about other theories on its origin: they say it was Jacob’s pillow, the one that Moses touched with his staff, or that it was brought on the Crusades, etc.

The fact is that, according to the legend, the person who kisses the stone receives the “gift of eloquence” or the “skill of flattery”. Kissing it is no easy task. You have to lie on your back and lean backwards from the parapet walk to finally kiss the stone. Although thousands of people comply with the tradition each year, do not worry, the stone is cleaned between visitors.

Cork is a city full of attractions and one of them is Blarney Castle. The students who trust us enjoy this beautiful city. Join us. Contact Ireland Experience.

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