Host Families

At Ireland Experience we have a wide selection of host families that we are very proud of. They all live in large houses with gardens and many of them have pets, usually cats and dogs.

Families take care of your children as if they were one of their own in the family. After breakfast, they go to school and take their “lunch box” which is tupperware full of food used to have lunch at school. All members of the family usually have dinner in which is the main meal of the day at around 6 in the afternoon.

Families in Ireland, due in part to the rainy weather, like to enjoy themselves at home much more than Spaniards, so they have good houses, with large kitchens to make traditional cookies like scones and cookies. They like to walk and play sports, generally children practice more than one sport such as hurling or camogie which are traditional Irish sports.

Most of our families live in Douglas, which is a well-known neighborhood in Cork, very safe, with buses to the city center and with very good schools. We have other families who live in villages a few kilometers from Cork.

All of our families have a Garda Vetting Certificate to prove that they have no priors and can have children in their care. All of them go through a rigorous selection process, ensuring a suitable environment for our students.

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