Schools in Ireland

The public schools or private schools, as in Spain, are funded by the Irish government. In Ireland, these schools are similar in quality and in performance. Each school has its own rules in terms of admissions and a special code of conduct that all students must respect.

Private school are prestigious and normally have a small proportion of students per class. They tend to offer exceptional facilities that allow the students to participate in a variety of after school activities.

Boarding schools are typically private and function as a community of students that cohabit with Irish students. They can be all girl or all boy schools, however, now it is more common to find mixed schools.

The best option will always be the one which fits the student the best and which fits our plan of linguistic immersion. All of you doubts will be taken care of and in any case, we offer information directly from the selected school and the necessary consultation.

The school schedule is similar to our own, starting normally at 9am and finishing class at 3.30pm, apart from Wednesdays where schools typically finish at 1pm or “midday”.

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