The Butter Museum In Cork


Not everyone knows that there is a “Butter Museum” in Cork. There are not many in the world, but this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. It is a visit in which we will learn a lot about its elaboration, its history and the impact it had on the country’s economy, its splendor and its decline.

The museum offers information on the utensils used in its preparation. In a video we can see how it has been made throughout history. There is also information about how important butter was in the development of Cork, and rural Ireland.

We are sure you know the Kerrygold brand, but do you know the story behind the name? It was chosen in 1962 from a total of 60 suggestions (“Shannon Gold”, “Tub-o-gold”, and even “Leprechaun” among others). Finally, the name Kerrygold was chosen. It reminds us of Ireland and its intense golden color, which is also a symbol of excellence. What started as a cooperative that managed all of Ireland’s dairy products is today a powerful company selling Kerrygold butter all over the world, being the best seller in Germany and the second best seller in the United States.

Go ahead and visit the museum. Through the history of butter, you will learn many interesting things about the history of Ireland and the Irish people.

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