Language Immersion


Is what we call “Language Immersion” the best way to learn English? It is, definitely. Living and speaking full-time with natives and sharing their culture, their music or their traditions pave the way for us to have an optimal knowledge of the language.

The term “immersion” is perfect as a simile for language learning. Just as we would do in a bath full of water or in a swimming pool, with linguistic immersion we completely submerge ourselves in a sea full of words, sounds, expressions or images that are absorbed by our ability to communicate.

Language immersion is not the same as bilingual education. With immersion we surround ourselves with all possible aspects of language (reading, written words, conversations, culture) regardless of the level of English we have. You advance quickly, although it is always advisable to have completed at least one “general” or “beginner” English course. Bilingual education is different. We may learn a lot of English, but it will always be within the walls of a classroom.

The advantages of Linguistic Immersion are many:

– Immersion in the lives and customs of native speakers.

– Making friends for life. There is always a mutual learning.

– Fast learning.

– Improving our self-confidence, growing personally.

– Our brain will get used to thinking more and more in English.

If you are interested in any of our courses, please contact Ireland Experience. We are in Cork and we are specialists in Immersion Programmes.

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