Official approval of studies carried out in Ireland


If you are thinking of sending your son or daughter and learn English abroad for a whole school year at a local school, you may be wondering what equivalence these studies have with the Spanish educational system. It is what we call Official Recognition of Qualifications, that is, to officially certify that the subjects or courses that have been completed in another country are equivalent to those that are taken in Spain, so that the student is incorporated to the corresponding course.

The recognition of studies between Ireland and Spain is regulated by different laws on recognition and approval of qualifications of non-university degrees. If your choice is Ireland Experience and your child is going to study in Ireland, the information below is very important.

For those students who have studied a Primary or Secondary course up to 3rd year of ESO, no formalities will have to be carried out. Education in these stages is compulsory throughout the European Union, so it is the Spanish school that will facilitate the continuation of studies, according to the regulations Spain and the autonomous communities with competences for it.

An official recognition of studies in the 4th year of ESO will be necessary to obtain the title of Graduate in Secondary Education. Likewise, the approval of the last two years of Senior Cycle, the equivalent to 1st and 2nd of Bachillerato, will be necessary.

In Ireland it is not possible to validate trimesters. In this case, parents will have to discuss with the school how they are going to evaluate that term and if they will have to take any exam on return. This is very important to clear up before they leave.

In Ireland Expirience we assist you with all the paperwork here, in Ireland. Our company is based in Cork and we are in close contact with schools and families.

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