Winter in Cork


It may be a little late to wish you a Happy New Year, or as they say in Ireland “Many happy returns!” The month of January has been so intense that I have hardly noticed its presence. Yet at last we have returned, full of energy, knowing that this year will be perfect. It is already decided. And do you know what the best ally to start the year with the best vibes is? The mild winter in Cork.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Ireland, is, as we know is its climate, but in moments as special as returning to work after the Christmas break, we appreciate leaving behind the cold and harsh storms typical of these dates.

In the south of Ireland, the coldest months, as in Spain, are January and February, but unlike this, during the mild winter in Cork, the average temperature is usually around 8ºC, so very rarely does it drop below 3ºC. It practically never snows. Winter in Cork is very bearable. And although fog is a characteristic of the weather in Ireland, and also a recurring phenomenon in Cork, this area of the island is still one of the sunniest, compared to the rest of the island (Enjoying about four long hours of sun a day!),

Why is this winter weather in Cork a great ally for Ireland Experience in particular?

A walk through any of its natural parks on a crisp and sunny day can allow you to take in an impressive landscape experience. As if it were a movie, its wonderful natural riches will take you back in time.

It is true that most stores usually close at 6:00 p.m., but the lack of freezing nights and harsh storms means that the activity among young people is permanent throughout the year and any time is a good time to have a tea or a hot chocolate, a scone, a sponge cake made with butter, and even have a pint of beer in any Irish pub. (For our college boys)

Of course, if the night activity does not decrease, neither does the teaching activity. Returning to the school cycle is not so difficult if you know that when you finish everyday, you will not be left freezing. That, and the brief rest in Ireland in midFebruary, a week of vacation called Mid Term Break (Which we will tell you all about in our next post), increases the enthusiasm of our children.

This image is from this week. Students heading to Cork College of Commerce. And as you will see, some dare to put their ankles in the air. Something unthinkable in Spain at this time of year.

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