Familia de acogida

Hosting an exchange student is a life-changing and wonderful experience for both the student and the family. Hosting a student is the perfect way to showcase Ireland’s hospitality and culture while having the opportunity to learn about the student’s country and traditions. All we are asking of you is the integration of the student into the family, supporting them, helping them navigate Ireland and most of all having good Irish craic.

All students should have a bedroom with proper lighting, heating, clean bedding, and a window. For the students who are coming for shorter stays, such as those who stay for a month or less, bedrooms can be shared and the desk is not obligatory.

We expect that all members of each family involve themselves in the students’ lives and make sure that the integration of the child is top priority. Activities such as “film nights”, playing games, going on walks together, day trips and family meals are great ways of making the student not only feel at home but rather a member of your family. Typically, families with children are preferred as children tend to feel more comfortable with others their own age. This would give them the opportunity to develop their linguistic skills, such as playing sports together, video games and other activities.

Once again, we’d like to highlight the fact that we are not looking for the bare minimum but rather an exceptional family who is looking for a memorable experience. The support of our team is here during the entire stay of the students so the family never feels alone in any situation. Our coordinator is in constant contact with each host family to make sure that the stay runs smoothly.

Area: Cork City and suburbs

If you are interested, please fill out this application and if you are successful we shall contact you.

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